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Heston Farm consists of 200 acres of rustic, rolling West Virginia farmland, situated on the banks of the Tygart River. It is a pristine farm, complete with natural spring water, cattle, llamas, ponies, fields of hops and buckwheat, a community garden, a vineyard and so much more.

The farm has been owned and managed by the Hestons for generations. In 1995 Mickey Heston and his wife, Julie Smith created Heston Events pavilions, where friends and family gather for weddings, class reunions, graduations and more, filling the riverside property with fun and laughter from April to October every year.    

Mickey and Julie next began building Heston Farm Winery and Pinchgut Hollow Distillery, holding the grand opening on May 21, 2011. Inspired by their trips to Napa Valley, the couple wanted to create an atmosphere that welcomed families, offering much more than simple wine and whiskey tastings. You’ll see that the Main Farm House is centered around the courtyard, where children can wear themselves out pumping antique handcars around a train track while adults enjoy live music on warm summer nights. 

Initially our restaurant was located in the Hayloft Lounge, located above the tasting room. Our guests enjoyed themselves so much that they returned frequently and asked for more variety in the menu. As a result, Foxfire Restaurant was built and opened in 2014. Chef Tommy Thompson and his wife Tasia assumed leadership of Foxfire in 2015, bringing their culinary genius and gracious service spirit to deliver on our promise—farm fresh food in a family friendly atmosphere. The Hayloft Lounge is now used for special events, including private celebrations and public events such as comedies, plays, and live music.   

But we are not done. We are getting ready to launch Pinchgut Hollow Brewery and we plan to continue to develop the farm as a destination spot that focuses on Agri-tourism.

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