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Ramp Shine

Two great Appalachian traditions in one bottle, spring ramps and corn whiskey!

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Captain Mick

Our corn whiskey with a hint of vanilla will remind you of traditional Caribbean rum. A taste of the islands from wild, wonderful West Virginia.

Corn Shine

My family has made this earthy and honest whiskey in the Monongahela valley since before the American Revolution. This rich, full-bodied and full-flavored whiskey tastes of the area where it was born. Just like 200 years ago, it passes through the pot still twice and is aged in an oak barrel for at least 30 days. One sip will take you back to the beginning of U.S. whiskey.

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Our spirits may be purchased at our distillery or in stores across West Virginia. We are unable to ship spirits.

Apple Pie Shine

We start with fresh, local apple juice, add special spices and cook it all in a big kettle. We reduce it, much like you would apple butter, and add it to our barrel-aged Corn Whiskey until it reduces down to 70 proof, creating a tasty treat that reminds of you of Grandma’s homemade apple pie. It’s delicious served on the rocks. It’s also a perfect base for an apple pie martini.

Buckwheat Moon Whiskey

We’re the first buckwheat whiskey producer in the country, so be prepared to taste something refreshing and unique. Grown with local buckwheat and based on a secret recipe that my great uncle shared with me when I was 10, this whiskey is light and sweet. The mash smells of apples and apricots. Barrel aging for 30 days further mellows those flavors.


Honey Peach Moon

Our Peach Whiskey is pure pleasure. Enjoy the earthiness of our Corn Shine, enhanced with the heady aroma and flavor of a peach, highlighted with variations of wood and berry from aging in oak barrels. Its light fruitiness makes for a fantastic after dinner drink.

Rise ‘n Shine

Infused with fruit, spices and cayenne pepper, Rise ‘n Shine is corn whiskey with a kick!

Sour Ass

Local rhubarb gives this whiskey its ruby red color and sweet, tart taste. Will it taste as good as Grandma’s rhubarb pie? We bet our sour ass it will!

Pinchgut Hollow Moonshine